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Some call him Bitcoin Jesus, some consider him as one of the biggest Whale in the market. Unarguably, he is one of the most influencers in the crypto-verse. Believe him or not, admire him or criticize; no one can deny his contributions to the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency fields.

Roger Ver is keen on the development of the Asian market. He also wants to bring BCH closer to the Vietnam market, one of the most dynamic crypto markets in the world. Through this exclusive interview with Bvnex.com - Vietnam's No. 1 fiat-crypto exchange, he wishes the name "Bitcoin Cash" will be more well-known in the Vietnam market.

And welcome to the stage Mr. Roger Ver, the first-gen of Bitcoin adopter.

Roger Ver had found several successful companies in Silicon Valley before he began his Bitcoin journey in February 2011. This was years before traditional venture capital firms became involved, so he became the first person in the world to start investing in Bitcoin related-startups, and he nearly single-handedly funded the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses.

Many may think Roger Ver currently lives in the US, but actually he spends part of his time in Japan, part in St. Kitts, and part traveling around the world. There are lots of nice places around the world, and Roger wants to get to visit more of them.

In his free time, he enjoys competing in Brazilian Jujitsu tournaments.

Life is short, so I always try to get things done sooner rather than later. Look for something that needs doing and do it.



Road to Bitcoin Cash Adoption

Bitcoin split into two versions on Aug 1st, 2017. One vision is still called Bitcoin, but it is very very different than the version Roger fell in love within 2011. It has slow, expensive, and unreliable transactions, but it has the Bitcoin name, and infrastructure that existed at the time of the split.

Bitcoin Cash has all the features that the original Bitcoin had, including its fast, cheap, reliable, and more private transactions. Unfortunately, it didn’t get the Bitcoin name or infrastructure at the time of the split.

There are over 100,000 online and offline stores that accept Bitcoin Cash. If you download the bitcoin.com wallet app, there is a bitcoin.com map that shows all the stores near you that accepts Bitcoin Cash. Due to its better user experience, Roger thinks Bitcoin Cash will become more popular than Bitcoin in the future.

The Bitcoin everyone that got excited about original offered fast, cheap, reliable payments, and was trying to become money for the world.

The thing everyone is calling Bitcoin today no longer has fast, cheap, reliable payments for the world and isn’t even trying to be money for the world. Bitcoin with its limited block size is just coasting on its brand recognition. All the innovation is happening in other chains.  

Roger claims that he didn’t switch anything. He is still promoting the peer-to-peer electronic CASH system that he originally started promoting.

Bitcoin may have the Bitcoin name today, but it isn’t the Bitcoin that got everyone excited early on.

Bitcoin has turned into speculators speculating on the speculation of future speculators.

Bitcoin Cash is building a peer-to-peer electronic cash system for the world.

It is clear which one of those will be a better safe-haven asset in the long term.

Roger Ver is still promoting the same version of Bitcoin today. Peer-to-peer cash for the world.

Those problems only exist on BTC because they were intentionally created. If BTC is broken, then Blockstream has a market for its solutions to the problems that they caused in the first place! Bitcoin Cash is fast, cheap, and reliable, just like the original Bitcoin. It can be used like any other government-issued currencies.

For his own, Roger Ver is going to do what he has been doing for the last 10 years: continue to promote Bitcoin Cash and help people understand how it works and explain why digital currency can change the world.  

The potential of the Vietnamese Market

The Vietnamese market proves itself as one of the most dynamic markets in the world.

Roger thinks someday he will need help from the Vietnamese people to bring Bitcoin Cash's liberating technology to Vietnam and the rest of the world.

About the Vietnamese community, Roger Ver believes that anyone who is passionate about Bitcoin Cash can start a local community. Bitcoin Cash communities around the world are all run by local people who like Bitcoin Cash.  

I visited Vietnam last year, and looking forward to visit it again sometime soon.

And finally, are you ready for a Bitcoin Cash journey in the digital cash era?

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